Performance Analysis

ICG provides two types of performance reporting to our clients:

The first is a one-page proprietary Monthly Performance Summary, which gives clients a simple and clear snapshot of their portfolio. The report provides a breakdown of the entire portfolio by individual manager and includes:

  • Investment inception date
  • Beginning and ending value for the month (including any cash flows during the month)
  • Net contributed capital
  • Monthly gain/loss in dollar value
  • Total gain/loss in dollar value
  • Month-to-date return %
  • Portfolio impact (weighted attribution of monthly return by manager)
  • Rolling three-month return %
  • Year-to-date return %
  • Rolling one-year return %
  • Annualized inception-to-date return %

This report is fully customizable to include or exclude any field that a client wants.

The second type of performance report is more comprehensive. After we have worked with a client for a period of time generating a history of returns, we can include factors, such as performance measurement, attribution, portfolio analytics, and peer-group comparisons. This is at the discretion of our clients. We can customize these reports to provide as much detail as you require, including total fund and portfolio-level performance universes, sophisticated attribution analysis, and holdings-based style and characteristic analysis.

We will usually generate such analyses semi-annually for clients who wish to receive this level of reporting. There are hundreds of exhibits and charts that can be produced in this report at both the individual manager and portfolio level.

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