Customized Portfolio Solutions

We firmly believe that over time the best offense is a good defense. While we always strive to take advantage of market dislocations and generate returns for our clients, we are above all advocates of diversification. The investment team at ICG has over 20 years of experience, formulating investment policies, recommending money managers, constructing individually customized portfolios, and analyzing investment performance for our clients.

As your outsourced CIO, ICG is committed to improving the performance of your portfolio based on your individual criteria: tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, preferences for asset classes and manager styles, income requirements, and any other needs you might have.

In our experience, a well-conceived investment plan consistently applied over time should enhance investment accretion. We help clients formulate a customized investment policy statement through a detailed and confidential questionnaire. This policy defines the responsibilities of trustees, managers, consultants, and all other parties servicing the account; it is the cornerstone of the entire investment process. Maintaining policy asset allocation targets through a periodic rebalancing of each portfolio is a crucial part of the investment process.

We divide world capital markets into distinct and identifiable asset classes and analyze statistically correct solutions with clients to find the best numeric translation of their investment objectives. Using this information as well as our counsel, a client selects the set of divergent styles that best protects portfolio value while capturing returns given their investment goals and tolerance for risk identified in the investment policy statement.

We will periodically perform new asset allocation studies for clients. The frequency with which this is done depends on a number of possible factors such as:

  • A change of circumstance concerning the client's goals, such as risk tolerance, return expectations, or income requirements.
  • A material change in the size of the client's portfolio in the instance of a meaningful contribution or withdrawal from the portfolio.
  • A marked change in the way managers' portfolios correlate with one another.
  • Significant market fluctuations and/or dislocations.

These studies are part of our services. We never charge clients additional fees to complete studies. Furthermore, we review client portfolios and the managers they are comprised of on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with the investment policy and the stated objectives of the underlying investments. We speak with clients regularly to discuss their portfolios. Our aim is to make sure that our clients are never surprised by anything in their portfolios.

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